Past Productions

Speak Easy: A Century Play in Six Episodes

In the forties, two men hide their love from the rest of the world. In the sixties, young poets meet in secret to start a revolution. And in the future, three women try to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Speak Easy: A Century Play in Six Episodes follows the same bar across one hundred years, as it remains a symbol for refuge, hope, and a better future for those who frequent it. This play was not only our inaugural production, but the culmination of the very first year of the Showdogs Playwrights Collective. Speak Easy was performed at A.R.T. New York South Oxford Space on April 27, 2019.

Written and Directed by: Gamal ElSawah (head writer), Conrado Falco III (head director), Joshwald Martínez-Peralta, Mayelyn Perdomo Santos, Rita Posillico, and Sajda Waite
Cast: Gamal ElSawah, Louis M. Gaudio, Joyce Lim, Michael Lloret, Anabel Lugones, Joseph Ortega, Rita Posillico, Joseph Ramondino, Rebecca Regina, Michelle Reyes, Alexander Scelso, Sarah Quane Smyth, and Sajda Waite
Set Designer: Bonnie Benton
Costume Designer: Oriana Lineweaver
Assistant Costume Designer: Gylanni Carrington
Technical Director: Stephanie Barragan
Stage Manager: Alyssa Rios
Assistant Stage Manager: Taryn Mack