Actors Remedy is an open space where creating art has no limits or expectations. A time for artists to come together and hold up space with one another. Whether it is working on monologues, watching a movie,  acting through song, or yoga in the park; we come to release the tension that’s built up by the hustle. To remind ourselves why making art is vital. We come to rekindle our love for creating and surround ourselves with fellow artist. We come to remedy. Want to join us? Learn more.

The Playwrights Collective is a program designed for emerging playwrights to develop original work. In the past, our members have collaborated in full-length shows such as Speak Easy: A Century Play in Six Episodes. This year, the Collective is made up of eight writers with different interests and backgrounds, and will culminate with public workshop readings of full-length plays by each of the playwrights. Learn More.

The Drama Test Lab is a project focused on the creation of non-conventional ensemble-based plays. Instead of working from a previously written script, the members of the DTL ensemble use improvisation, acting exercises, and other unconventional tools to devise a play written by all of them at the same time. The initial results of their wild experiments will be revealed to the public in the Fall of 2020. Learn more.